Monday 9 December 2019
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Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting

When it comes to leveling uneven concrete surfaces, polyurethane foam concrete lifting is considered to be the best choice. As the name suggests, the method involves the use of polyurethane foam. Below is a quick glance at the process along with the relevant pros and cons.

Knowing the process

Concrete slabs may sink in for varied reasons, and in most cases, soil conditions and surrounding trees are to blame. With polyurethane foam concrete lifting, such slabs are leveled as needed. The procedure is quite simple – One or more holes are drilled on the surface of the concrete, and through these, polyurethane foam is injected underneath. The material is usually light but expands underneath, causing the slabs to rise.

What are the benefits?

When it comes to commercial work, polyurethane foam concrete lifting is the best way to go ahead. Firstly, polyurethane is a light material, and therefore, it doesn’t exert pressure like concrete mix, which is used in traditional mudjacking. Secondly, polyurethane expands effectively, so there is no unwanted void underneath. It covers up the entire area. For commercial work, you can hardly afford any downtime, and that’s the biggest benefit of this kind of concrete leveling. Once the work is done, the area can be used soon after. If you check with a few contractors, you will find the choice of waterproof polyurethane foam, as well. With the right contractor for the job, polyurethane foam concrete lifting can last for years, making it a viable solution for commercial and residential needs alike.

The cons

Well, polyurethane foam concrete lifting is expensive, and you may have to pay five times more than what you would otherwise pay for mudjacking. Secondly, it doesn’t work in every case. A good contractor can explain if the concerned method may work for your needs.

Nevertheless, polyurethane foam concrete lifting is certainly better than traditional options, given that it works wonders for most cases. Also, you can get the job done in a much shorter time. There are many commercial foundation repair contractors, who can level concrete slabs as needed and without charging an exorbitant price. Just do your homework before you select a contractor, and if required, ask for a few references. Get an estimate so that you can compare the costs, and if the work requires time and money, you can seek a discount too. Check online now to find local experts for polyurethane foam concrete lifting.