Monday 27 January 2020
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Tips on Gambling with Etherium

Tips on Gambling with Etherium

After Bitcoins started gaining huge popularity, people eventually started presenting the other forms of cryptocurrencies. Out of these recently introduced virtual currencies, Ether has been the most prosperous of the lot. It was announced in the year 2013 and just in the next year in 2014, it spread worldwide. Just like any other virtual currency, you can make private transactions with it. One of its biggest advantages is, it does not involve too many rules and regulations like real money. If you note carefully you would find that a lot of features are common between Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin, hence, it could successfully replace Bitcoins in the world of online casinos.

How to go about

The best part when you involve yourself in any of the Ethereum casino, is you don’t need to go through any kind of registration process. Normally, every user is given a unique ID which automatically gets captured in the browser cookies and remains there for about two months.  After this tenure, this ID becomes obsolete. So, as a user, you should always try and remember the ID to avoid losing all your funds. To avoid this kind of situation, you are provided with a personal deposit address as soon as your ID is generated, where you must store your crypto coins. After making a certain amount of deposit, you can start playing your game.

Benefits of using Etherium

Until the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the online casinos were familiar only with fiat currencies. Due to the digital nature of the cryptocurrencies, you can easily transfer them online. Both its feature of instant transfer and unrestricted movement makes Ethereum an option of payment option in any casino dealing with ETH. Unlike the fiat currencies, it is not governed by any kind of regulations. In the US, it is not given any status of legal money instead it is considered as an asset or property. Ethereum casino is a kind of crypto casino where Ether is the form of cryptocurrency used.

List of games

The developers who create the ETH network also work on many unique games that cater to the need of the members of their community. These games usually have characteristics specifically related to Ethereum, just like how Bitcoin games are centered on their own story. The origins of both these cryptocurrencies are the same. An Ethereum casino practically introduced with games like Crypto Kitties, Crypto Zombies, The Pyramid Game, Ether Rockets, Krypto War, Ether Craft etc. The features of both the networks of Ethereum and Bitcoin are quite similar but the basic differences in their stories take them in different directions. This is a basic reason why as a player you can always keep an expectation of playing a variety of unique ETH games developed eventually.

Ensure the safety

If you judge the nature of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, you must be well aware that it is very difficult to tamper with it. The practical reason behind it is each of the smart contacts should be confirmed by its users. Since all the apps of the casinos are built on a decentralized platform, the rules followed are the same.