Monday 27 January 2020
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Different Types of Display Mannequins and Their Functionality

Different Types of Display Mannequins and Their Functionality

If you are a shop owner, then you would be aware of the various display mannequins that are available and how they can be used. While there are mannequins classified based on the style or the pose or the skin tone or the material used in their making, there are also mannequins classified based on their purpose or usage. Display mannequins on sale may not always refer to the typical standing mannequin for shop displays.


Display Mannequins and Their Functionalities

  1. Tailor’s Dummy: Also, referred to as the dress forms, these mannequins are typically dummies used for making the garments or designing new fashions. They are available in different sizes, shapes and colors and are even adjustable, which makes them the perfect choice for your shop displays. You can use them to create a fantastic and an effective display for your shop. Since, they come with collapsible shoulders; it is easier to clothe them even with form fitting clothes. Made of heavy duty materials, they stand the test of time and last longer.
  2. Ghost Mannequins: As their name suggests, these are practically invisible. This is most used by photographers and even by quite a few retailers. So what makes these mannequins the best? They help the customers focus solely on them and help them to make a decision with much ease on what they want to purchase. What makes them more popular is the fact that you can easily remove most of their parts which will give them a floaty look.
  3. Flexible: As in the name these are quite flexible, making it easier for you to strike a pose that will be apt for your clothing. These are the most sought after mannequins these days. These mannequins have either their shoulders, elbows, knee joints made of foam material of the highest density making it easier for you to adjust their posture to what you want or based on the kind of clothes you want to portray them in.
  4. Torso only: These are readily available in many shops and are quite easy to transport. These are mainly made of plastic. They also give you the option to either attach an arm or a leg at a later stage making them an easier one to use and are affordable too.

Apart from the above classifications, there are also separate mannequin parts available like just the arm or just the leg or only the head. These are of best use when you have to display specific products like arm bands or anklets or wristwatches.