Friday 22 November 2019
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Brain Appetite – Good Luck WithThe Perfect Brain Diet

Brain Appetite – Good Luck WithThe Perfect Brain Diet

The brain needs food too but it needs nourishment not only in the form of some edibles but also in the form of thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. In fact, it needs a balance of both. Now, whether you play certain games or discuss matters with people, you are constantly giving it some inputs. Even sleeping on certain matters and waking up the next day after a long night of relaxation will help you empower your thinking machine. So, what’s it going to be?


That thing you do

Whether you munch on some leafy greens or get involved in a public debate, you are still going to contribute to the brain’s development. However, whatever you do needs to be something you like to do and not just some activity that you think will be enough to keep your Albert Einstein up there active. Of course, what you eat also matters apart from this. Just eating junk foods or unhealthy grub is not going to help you improve it. Eating certain healthy foods will enhance it. Nonetheless, there are certain factors that can prove to be counterproductive. Completely avoiding socialization can not only shut you out of the world but make you less cognitive.

Are you sleeping enough?

While people such as call center executives or airhostesses cannot easily catch forty winks due to calls from their workplaces, they do not realize that this can affect their productivity in the long run. The truth is that your concentration improves the moment you get a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you get to remember things better when you sleep well. Nonetheless, people do not perceive this as a sort of food for the brain. Even though you might be comfortable with being a night owl for now, you might be informed at a certain point of time that what you did all these years would only disturb the sleep cycles and become a kind of obstacle. Of course, even oversleeping can prove to be counterproductive since it has its own side effects. This is why astronauts are asked to sleep for just 8 hours or so while in space.

Simple exercises for your brain

Try jogging your memory or even jogging on the treadmill at your gym. Both work perfectly well and contribute to the brain’s development. Are you out of ideas? Then, try out crossword puzzles or Scrabble. In fact, you could even try group meditation in which you could connect with the others mentally. Try finding out if you have a telepathic connection with them. Enjoy discussing philosophy with a few others or try brainstorming certain ideas. Nothing works better than a spider diagram for such things. Even yoga is said to be able to assist people with enhancing their brain power. Not comfortable with your current lifestyle as a shut in? Keep an open mind and pack your bags so that you can explore distant lands. Besides, traveling is said to broaden the horizons of the mind. After all, as you feed the brain with the right kind of foods, it can function much better than you would have expected it to.